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Comedian, ted lyde, father of a Special Needs Son & a Near Genius Daughter, Hosts a PODCAST that focuses on Life, Marriage and the ART of Moving Forward when you feel so Very Stuck. 

May 28, 2015

Outrageous Comedian, Gene Pompa brought a bottle of wine to the studio, everything after that is a little bit hazy! All I can remember is, this is a very candid, very funny and very RAW Conversation. Marriage, Divorce and Suicide are only a tip of this Ice Berg!

Pompa Fans will defiantly get to know a side of Gene that...

May 21, 2015

Comedian, Author and Grammy Impresario Lisa Goich talks about Dogs, Love and Writing a Book after her Mother's choice to give up dialysis.

Ted talks about key concerns of raising a child with a communication disability!
Real Talk still Funny - ENJOY!!!

May 14, 2015

Devon Shepard returns to explain why not only should you NOT kill your kid when he tells you his plans to quit Private School to become a Rapper, But you must also not kill the Dream.

Ted is on the Fence!

May 7, 2015

John Cragen, Actor, Educator and Renown WORLD TRAVELER sits down with Ted and talks about the World and why it's so so very Awesome (if you know where to look) And what it takes to teach your Children to be a force against Lameness!



May 1, 2015

Ted and his Wife, Jaime discuss institutional racism in this 20 minute EXTRA Edition of Learning Not To Swear with Ted Lyde