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Comedian, ted lyde, father of a Special Needs Son & a Near Genius Daughter, Hosts a PODCAST that focuses on Life, Marriage and the ART of Moving Forward when you feel so Very Stuck. 

Jul 16, 2015

Episode #23 - Paul Gilmartin discusses how even with all of His Success & Acclaim, he still battles thoughts of Suicide and other bad ideas.

Paul Gilmartin, a stand-up comedian since 1987, co-hosted TBS’ Dinner and a Movie for over 15 years and appears frequently as a guest on Adam Corolla’s comedy podcast.  Gilmartin's television credits include his own half hour comedy special, "Comedy Central Presents Paul Gilmartin". Politically Incorrect, The List on VH1, HBO Comedy Showcase, MTV's Half-Hour Comedy Hour, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and is a regular contributor to the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Show.


almost nine years ago

Thanks Scott, I really appreciate that feedback. Thanks for passing it on too!!! That shit is Very Very Cool!!!

Please forgive the language.
Ted Lyde

Scott MacArthur
almost nine years ago

Great show. Passing this on.