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Comedian, ted lyde, father of a Special Needs Son & a Near Genius Daughter, Hosts a PODCAST that focuses on Life, Marriage and the ART of Moving Forward when you feel so Very Stuck. 

Mar 5, 2015

Alyson Fouse, Writer on ABC's UNCLE BUCK & Head Writer of TV ONE's Hit Sitcom, Born Again Virgin talks about Life with me.  Sometimes in life you get to work with people you LOVE! For me, Alyson Fouse is one such person. We Met during Everybody Hates Chris' 1st Season, when the show was at it's absolute best. Alyson is a Talented Comedy Writer, A Wonderful Mother and a Ferocious friend and ally.

Buckle Up! From COMPTON to Hollywood, it's an extra Real Conversation... and yes, there will be language. ENJOY