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Comedian, ted lyde, father of a Special Needs Son & a Near Genius Daughter, Hosts a PODCAST that focuses on Life, Marriage and the ART of Moving Forward when you feel so Very Stuck. 

May 25, 2019

Actor, Writer, Producer and Creator of the on-line series iCOMMiT, Gregory Fennell discusses his twisted path to Hollywood, surviving his Mother's sexual assault and forgiving his Father for unspeakable deeds. 

Adult Content

May 17, 2019

Hollywood Talent Agent, Amy Luker talks about her experience growing up as a teenage model between Oklahoma, Los Angeles and NYC. We also discuss drugs, parenting and the night Don Henley saved her life.

May 8, 2019

Comedian, Costaki Economopoulos joins the Podcast to talk about Travel, Stand Up, being a Father and making friends.  

Funny Real Conversation